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CoWork Membership Agreement


CoWorking is a relatively new approach to work that involves sharing of business space and resources, and a sense of community, collaboration and social interaction among people not employed by the same organization. Typical community members are work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, people working remotely from their employer, start-ups, small businesses, consultants and self-employed individuals.

As a community of professionals, we are guided by common courtesy, etiquette and mutual respect. Thus, written rules and prohibitions are at a minimum. The purpose of this membership agreement is not to set out a comprehensive list of rules governing our daily work, but rather to outline a few necessary legal requirements pertaining to membership.


TK, LLC, is a Wyoming Limited Liability Company doing business as CoWork Sheridan (hereinafter referred to simply as “CoWork”),  located in Sheridan, Wyoming at 350 S. Brooks. This agreement is between you as a member (referred to as “You” or “Member”) and CoWork. The CoWork premises at this location consists of commercial dedicated office space used by dedicated office members.

Membership, Payment and Termination

Members enjoy the use of the premises subject to this agreement. CoWork reserves the right to update this agreement at any time without notice. CoWork membership does not create a tenancy but a prepaid usage license to use the premises on a monthly or casual basis.

CoWork members have access to our internet, coffee, kitchen facilities, and conference room on a reservation basis.

Monthly and dedicated office members are permitted 24 hour and weekend access, though we do ask that you let us know in advance of your intention to be in before or after weekday business hours or on weekends. Daily and weekly members are permitted access during regular weekday business hours only.

Monthly membership is billed for a full month in advance, either on the first of the month or your anniversary date, whichever arrangement is agreed upon the commencement of membership. It is billed via automatic charge to your credit card or can be paid through ACH or Invoicing. Also included are other charges that may have been incurred during the previous period. Renewal for a full month is automatic unless you notify us thirty (30) calendar days before your monthly renewal date.

For dedicated office membership, thirty (30) days prior notice is required.

Payment for daily or weekly membership is paid on or before the first day of use of the membership.

CoWork reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate a membership at any time and refund the balance of the month’s membership, after deducting any other amounts that may be owed.

Dedicated Offices, Access

It is understood that CoWork may need to access your office at any time for a variety of reasons, such as, but without limitation, repairs, alterations, inspections, etc., but it will be done only rarely, and with due respect for your business and privacy.


Because the internet, and all related equipment and software provided as business amenities are resources shared among many users, there is a risk that you could be subject to a variety of security breaches, including but not limited to viruses. You should install and keep up to date protective software and/or hardware. CoWork will not be liable for any damages related to viruses, ransomware or similar hazards.

Disclaimer of Warranties

To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, CoWork provides the premises and business amenities and services “as is” and with all faults, and hereby disclaim with respect to same all warranties and conditions, whether express, implied or statutory, including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Limitations of Liability; Indemnification

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Member and each of its employees, agents and invitees, waive any and all claims and rights against CoWork, and it’s officers, employees and agents arising from injury to or damage to, or destruction, theft or loss of property or person. CoWork shall not be liable under any cause of action for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including loss of profits or business interruption.

The Member acknowledges that it is responsible to maintain, at its own expense, personal property insurance and commercial general liability insurance covering itself and its employees, agents and invitees for property loss and damage, personal injury and/or loss of use (or prevention of access to) the premises in amounts sufficient to protect the Member’s business. The Member agrees to provide proof of such coverage upon CoWork’s request, and to cause CoWork to be named as additional insureds on any such policies of insurance.

The Member hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless CoWork and its affiliates from any and all claims, liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any breach of this Agreement by the Member or its guests or invitees, or from the acts or omissions of the Member or its guests or invitees. The Member is responsible for the actions of or the damages caused by all persons that the Member or their guests or invitees invited to enter the premises.

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